Home made exfoliating toner recipe

Aug 07, 2019 - Nida -
Home made exfoliating toner recipe
If you take care of your skin on regular basis, you know the importance of exfoliating your skin. It not only remove dead skin but also promote blood flow and help to surface healthy, smooth and glowing skin. If you are the one who always use physical scrubs to get rid of that dead skin, you need to try liquid exfoliators as they are getting popular for their ease of use and effectivness without your skin scrubbing raw.

You can get some very good commercial chemical liquid exfoliators which are famous and effective but most of them are quite expensive and are not suitable for sensitive skin. However you can make your own liquid exfoliating toner with few products, right out of your kitchen which are safe and you can adjust the quantity according to your skin type.

This recipe need two main ingredients which are apple cider vinegar and green tea. Both things are being used for centuries in both skin and health related issues. ACV is acidic and contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids aka AHA which is main ingredient in every peeling or exfoliating solution. It dissolve dead skin cells, protect from free radical, heal acne scars, shrink large pores and lighten the skin tone. ACV is also known to keep the oil at bay and protect your skin against acne and breakouts. Powerful anti-oxidants in Apple cider vinegar fight bacteria and free radicals while making skin smooth and healthy.

Green tea on other hand is anti-inflammatory which protect skin from breakouts, acne, blemishes, redness and sun damage. It helps in skin regeneration by promoting cell growth. It also contains vitamin c which is very effective for mature skin and protect it from wrinkles and fine lines making it glowing and youthful as it boost product of collagen, enhancing the elasticity of skin

Lets get the details about, how to make it.

  • Green tea - 1 bag or 1tsp of leaves
  • Apple cider vinegar - depending on your skin type
  • Distilled or filtered Water - 1 cup
  • Essential oils - Tea tree, lavender - 3 drops each
For oily skin: 1 tsp of ACV
For dry skin: 1/2 tsp of ACV
For sensitive less then 1/2 tsp of ACV

Tea tree and lavender essential oils are not only for scent but are antibacterial and calming which help to sooth skin and protect it from breakouts and heal scars.

First boil one cup of water and add tea leaves or tea bag. Let it steep for few minutes and then drain. Once the tea is cooled off add it into the spray bottle preferably amber or blue glass bottle. Now pour 1 tsp of ACV on top of green tea and shake well. Lastly include three drops of tea tree essential oil and 3 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake well again and place it in dark cool place for at least 24 hours before using it. This way all the ingredients mix well with each other.

How to use
As this toner contains AHA, it is better to use at night time skin routine. Once in a day is enough, don't use it too much. Apply it on cotton pad and swap across the skin after cleansing. Also do not forget to apply sunscreen at day time.