Homemade face wash recipe for youthful skin

Aug 30, 2019 - Nida -
Homemade face wash recipe for youthful skin
Using soaps and soap based face washes dry out your skin while sucking out all the oils from the it and unbalancing pH level. These oils are important to keep your skin plump and healthy whether it is dry or oily. Though for time being we love the feel of leathery texture and the clean feeling but after some years, you will start noticing dry, patchy skin with occasional or regular bumps. Instead of using these chemical face washes or soap, it is better to wash your face with something which cleanse your skin from impurities but doesn't strip it from oils which are necessary.

The oils will not only cleanse your skin deeply but also nourish it and make it healthy and plum without drying. You can use oil cleansing method to deep cleanse your skin and also use them with other ingredients to get good benefits from it. Like baking soda is a great option to make your skin squeaky clean while honey keep your skin healthy and youthful. In today's recipe we are sharing a simple homemade face wash to use every day, in fact, you can use it twice a day and will get beautiful youthful and healthy skin.

  • Half cup baking soda
  • 3tbs coconut oil or argan oil
  • 1tsp honey
  • Few drops lavender essential oil
  • Few drops frankincense essential oil
  • Few drops geranium essential oil

In a small container with tight screw cap add baking soda, topped with liquid coconut oil, honey and essential oils. Mix them together to form fine paste. You can add more oil or soda to suit your consistency. Keep it in cool place or better keep it in fridge.

When using, dispense out little amount with spatula and apply on wet face. Massage it with light hands for a minute or half. Do not rub vigorously and use light hands. Wash with tap water and pat dry your face. Follow up with rose water or any toner you like to balance pH of your skin. Now apply moisturizer according to your skin type.

You can use it twice a day but do not always prolong your massage instead just rub and wash. It is suitable for all skin but you can add more essential oils as you like or honey for more moisturizing.