Lemon and Rosemary All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

Ditch the store-bought toxins and their health-damaging side effects and make your own simple but effective household cleaners, using just a few inexpensive ingredients from the grocery store, along with flowers and herbs from the garden. Today we are making aromatic cleansing spray with liquid soap, herbs and essential oils. Read more >>

DIY - Thyme Counter Cleaner

If you are on the verge of changing your lifestyle and focusing on using more natural, no toxic products then first of all replace your home cleaning products with natural DIY products. Home cleaning products have more harmful ingredients which can cause respiratory issues along with some hormonal imbalance. Read more >>

DIY - Rose Window Cleaner for Perfect Clean Windows

Those blue liquid glass or window cleaners have many harmful ingredients which can cause many respiratory issues. To make the natural, healthy and amazing smelling spray, try this recipe. It can brighten up your chore time with pretty pink window cleaner made from fresh roses. Read more >>

DIY - Lavender Fabric Softener for Amazing Smelling Clothes Naturally

Store bought fabric softener can cause itching or rashes for sensitive skin due to their harsh chemicals. If you have kids and facing some skin issues like dryness, itching and eczema, then stop using those fabric softeners. You can make your own all natural fabric softener with your favorite smell easily. Today we are making lavender one which is our favorite. Read more >>