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DIY Bug Repellent Spray and Blends

It is quite hard to choose the safest bug repellent which doesn't contain harmful ingredients. Those ingredients can be dangerous for all, specially children, if inhaled too much, or touched with eyes. In fact some can even be harsh for sensitive skin. In this situation instead of avoiding outdoors or letting insects bite you, you can make your own bug repellent which are safe, effective and are budget friendly. Read more >>

Quick Popcorn Chicken Recipe

Looking for a healthy snack which can be cooked quickly and is filling as well. Try this popcorn chicken recipe by yourself while staying at home and enjoy it with your family or by yourself while binge watching or working from home. You might have tried popcorn chicken from different restaurant and if you love them, Read more >>

Easy Vitamin C Body  Scrub Recipe

You may very well be known to the amazing benefits of Vitamin C not only for your immune system but also for skin. Citrus fruits are one of the best way to get vitamin c for your skin or health as they are high in this vitamin. They contain naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids, which are known to have lightening and brightening effects on the skin. When topically applied, vitamin C enhances the production of collagen and boosts elasticity, helping your skin retain a firm and youthful appearance. Read more >>